Meet Our Trainers

FEvolve Fitness is a group of Life Coaches, and Personal Trainers that does In-home Personal Training, Yoga, and Nutrition with our clients. We also offer Online Private Online Coaching.

Jenifer Shaffstall is the Head of In-Home Personal Training and has been with FEvolve Fitness from the start.

Jenifer struggled with being overweight growing up and into her early adulthood, where she struggled to find a solution that worked for her. Jenifer is a mother of two and raised her boys at a young age. In the process, Jenifer became committed to living a healthy and active life through running and strength training, so that she could live healthy for her children.
Along with being a personal trainer and a certified life coach, Jenifer strives to teach her clients how to live happy and healthy while fitting in the struggles of everyday life.

Muna is a certified personal trainer, life coach, and spartan coach. Muna studied athletic training at Montclair State University where she also worked as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer throughout her years there.

Muna struggled with her weight throughout her life, and has experience jumping from different fad diets in hopes to find a quick fix. Finding a healthy lifestyle change that works for her personal needs, was a game changer in her own journey. Muna strives to help women because she personally understands the struggle of sustaining a healthy lifestyle while loving your body and trusting the process every step of the way. 


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