ABOUT Cristina

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ABOUT Cristina

Cristina McNish is the Owner and Founder of FEvolve Fitness. After completing her Bachelors of Fine Arts, at The School of Visual Arts, and receiving her Masters Degree in Art Education, Cristina left teaching in the public school system, to dedicate her life to her passion of helping others live healthy lives.

Cristina transformed her very unhealthy lifestyle with health, fitness and yoga. Cristina works diligently, and passionately to help other women feel comfortable in their own skin while living active lives. 

By combining life coaching, personal training, yoga, and nutrition,  Cristina has created a program that ensures your growth in all areas of life, depending on your own personal needs at the time.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. 

I did not enjoy my life, who I was, or the skin I was in.

There was a point in my life, when I was heading down a really dark path. 

To me, there was no way out. I struggled with a deep depression, that kept pulling me deeper if I did not change my life as a whole. 

Something inside me clicked, when I took a step back and realized I had a lot more to offer the world and MYSELF.

I drew my focus inward, and took my self-study to a new level.

I created FEvolve Fitness, because I know what it feels like to be on the path of a lifestyle change, and needing support from a friend. I created a business that not only helps you with your health and fitness but we dive into the inner work, to support you throughout the changes.

my intention is to help you know, that you are not alone in this journey. 

I have been there before,

and I am here to help you through YOUR Journey. 


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